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Variation in Vicia sativa s.l. from Algeria based on morphological characters and ecogeographic parameters

Abstract: Vicia sativa s.l. is one of the most commonly grown forage crop in Mediterranean regions. It is widely distributed and presents at the same time the largest overlaps and the most difficult taxonomic problems. The present study is an attempt to characterize the diversity and the taxonomic relationships among the members of a collection of 34 V. sativa s.l. from a variety of geographical sources of North Algeria with the aim to improve their conservation and management along with a synthesis of the results obtained by previous researchers. Four taxa (obovata, cordata, consobrina and angustifolia) were analysed using 5 ecogeographic parameters and 78 morphological characters coded as multistate. The results reflect the great diversity of vetches and subspecies were not clearly recognizable from their plant morphology and ecogeography. Cluster analysis does not have provided clear separation among accessions. 11 morphological characters were excluded as they are homologous between all accessions. Important variation in standard colour, leaflets pairs per leaf, tendril length, hilum length and legume suture curvature was found in most accessions of the collection. Even for the characters that contribute the most to the separation of the accessions, the range of variation does show overlap between the subspecies. The study has drawn accessions from a wider geographical range and a distribution map of each taxa was produced. The information obtained can be used as a guide for future collecting missions. Variation in morphological characters appeared to be related to the site from which the accession was collected with 44.89 %.

N° Revue: Genetic resources and crop evolution - Pagination: 1-18 - Date:

URL: http://link.springer.com/journal/10722

Mots cles: Algeria  Diversity  Ecogeography  Morphology  Vicia sativa s.l.


citations: - Bechkri S, Khelifi D. 2016. Variation in Vicia sativa s.l. from Algeria based on morphological characters and ecogeographic parameters. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution DOI 10.1007/s10722-016-0404-1